Tell Us How We're Driving Stickers


  • As a vehicle or fleet owner, you register for the Tell Us About Our Driving program and are given stickers for your vehicles with a unique identification number and the web address prominently displayed.

  • If a motorist or pedestrian sees your vehicle operated in an unsafe manner, he or she visits the website and files a complaint using your unique identification number. The filer fills out a detailed incident report with important information such as the time and place of the incident and the nature of the unsafe driving. The filer of the complaint has an option to remain anonymous or to be contacted by you for a follow up. NONE of your personal or business information is available to the complainant. After the complaint form is sent, an automated response is sent to the sender to acknowledge the receipt of the complaint.

  • Almost instantly, a detailed complaint is forwarded directly to your business or personal email address. Again, NONE of your personal or business information is available to the complainant and it is left up to you to respond as you see fit


    • What is the cost?
      The price is currently for a single vehicle user is $7.49 per vehicle per year, or $9.98 for a two year plan. A discount rate of 10% for fleets over 10 vehicles is available.

    • Where on my vehicle do I mount the sticker?
      Stickers should be mounted on a high and prominently visible spot preferably toward the center of the vehicle. We highly recommend mounting the sticker(s) onto the rear glass of your vehicle where permitted by law. This permits easy removal and remounting if a new vehicle is purchased and avoids damaging the paint or finish.

    • Why do you use Web technology instead of 1-800 numbers?
      We have a web address that is very memorable with a name that describes what it does- Tell Us About Our Driving. Our vehicle ID codes are never more than 3 characters- other driver monitoring programs use up to 8..AND expect motorists to remember that code- in addition to a TEN DIGIT TELEPHONE NUMBER!

      By using a web based notification system, subscribers are able to receive a first hand and detailed report written by the actual witness to any infraction involving your vehicle. Our web system ensures that you will receive the report promptly in your email inbox and/or on your own cell phone in the form of an SMS Text Message. We cut out the often unreliable intermediary of the live operator who sometimes can misinterpret information. We also prevent further unsafe operation by callers who my use cell phones in their vehicles in violation of many local laws.

    • Will My Insurance Company Give Me a Discount for Enrolling in This Service?
      Independent insurance agents can give premium discounts at their discretion upon enrollment in a program as ours. There is no set policy for many companies and you should check to find a provider that will discount your cost of coverage for taking this preventive measure.

    • Are reports shared with local police or insurance companies?
      Absolutely not. This information is soley shared with the service subscriber. It is then the responsibilty of the subscriber to determine what corrective or disciplinary measures are appropriate regarding the reported infraction.

    • What if someone files a malicious or prank report?
      Our advanced reporting system screens and deletes posts containing foul language. Those filing reports are also required to enter a verification code as well as detailed information regarding the time and the place of the incident.

    • Who is your service available to?
      We service fleet accounts as well as single customers. We are available to anyone and everyone in the transportation or service industry who uses cars, vans or trucks on a regualr basis. We also specialize in providing monitoring services to teen and senior drivers who may need a little extra attention due to their varied operating skills. | |